Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It was my birthday yesterday!

finally 17~
time flies by so fast it seems! soon i can get my P plates for my car O:
anyway i had such a nice birthday, i got so many wonderful things and i wanted to show some of them

number one:
and the most important~ a ring from my boyfriend of four years, its a promise ring
to marry me someday
he is so sweet and loving, and on the inside it says his name so he is always with me when i am lonly or miss him and he cant be there~ so sweet and loving...and expensive -___-
i don't even want to know how much it was >__<
i loved you when i met you in our first year of high school and i still love you now, its been nearly five years and i couldn't be more in love...
i hope he does not read this >___>  

number 2~
is a gift from my step-dad!
its a doctor who tardis cookie box, which lights up and makes the "VVSSHH VSSSHHH" noises!

AMAZING!!! i love it SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, all my friends are so jealous

 number 3
is some lovely boots i have wanted for a while from a store called Valley girl
such nice stuff! well...sometimes!
they are very high, but so comfy and its close to winter now so i will wear them lots!

AH lovely coat for winter from my mum! so nice and warm!
i love it to bits and it goes nice with my ring Oho ho ho ho
its nearly lolita style the way it puffs out on me haha i will take some photos of me in it sometime...

here are some crappy photos of me with the hair i dont like U___U

sorry to whine but i really hate it hahaha
oh well i bet in a week or so i will love it...
i also look very washed out and well i had the flu and it was cold but i had to go meet my bf, i was so sick but i had to go meet him in the city *CRY* oh well, there's my excuse haha.
why is it every romantic meet i have with my bf i am sick? i was sick on Valentines day aswell


also here is a hk wallet i got to add to my hello kitty collection <3


And to my friend up in heaven now, i love you
its been a week and i still miss you so much
Goodbye, blue eyes
goodbye for now

Sunday, April 10, 2011

LOL dyed my hair! it was ment to be BROWN T^T
oh well it was only a semi-permanent i guess, so my mum says it will wash out into a brown  ahaha its alright for now -___-
ANYWAY i have not been posting because its been test week! i had two a Essay for english and a test for maths, i hate maths im so craaap at it. and recently a friend of mine passed away ):

they read out this poem at his funeral and, i really liked it.
Think of me as one at rest,
For me you should not weep,
I have no pain, no troubled thoughts,
For I am just asleep.
The living thinking me that was,
Is now forever still.
And life goes on without me
As time forever will.

i will always remember you, wherever you are i hope your happy friend.

ANYWAY its my birthday soon :)
im going to the pancake house with my boyfriend, ah i wonder what he will get me! maybe a wedding ring? lol jokes ahahaha~
anyway its school holidays now, time to rest, and hopefully start blogging more!