Saturday, February 12, 2011


First of all YES I KNOW, i am not hime in the slightest, as i said i want to be!
so this was me not very long ago but now my hair is brown )': i miss pink!
but oh well. so anyway i was just going to make a blog of my improvement (well hopefully~)
into the hime world! and i know (your never gonna be) oh well, im gonna try! no harm in it

so now i have the pleasantries out of the way YES i am from Australia!
i was born here and lived here all my life. but i do go overseas a lot haha i must say, out of the whole world, Australia is not my most favorite place >__> i REALLY wish to move somewhere with my bf~
so there is a little about me for now! i hope to become hime gyaru or alteast one of those two blah, blah, blah
Oh i am a student in year 11~ first year of college ew yuck haha, i hope to be a art teacher for a highschool, hopefully not here in Aus aha~
so anyways some pictures maybe to start?

Me and the bf, yes i know HOW RUDE! hohoho~
we both look a litt
le diffrent now, well i havent got the blonde hair U__U


SO anyway this is the most recent me i suppose! i look awful! well i do have a excuse haha i took my bf to Sydney and had to get up early~ so yes mornings= hardship for me.

anyway i suppose i will have to get used to taking a lot of photos now i hope to improve and reach my goal!