Tuesday, March 22, 2011


                                           I know, no updates just me being a moocher
                                                     OH WELL :)
                   no i will update maybe next week or late this week with some REAL stuff haha


Monday, March 21, 2011

And another :D

This is       SYRY-Online's Giveaway!

so many beautiful makeups and skin care things i want!!!  T^T


This time i will try out another lovely giveaway!

Good luck to everybody in it :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

i want it SO BADLY~ i am only new i dont think i will get it haha
oh well no harm in trying~ it ends near my birthday!"
<3< 3 wish me luck!

Small update because IM SO TIRED ;____;

Awful photo reflects my awful mood -___-"
AH sorry i haven't posted in a while, college takes up my life it seems!
anyway yes busy busy busy, oh and i have to say i pray for everyone who has loved ones in japan and japan itself, such a horrible thing to happen. AND SO FAST, i woke up one morning and BAM it was on the news everywhere, i have a friend living there but he is alright. so relieved ;__;
anyway some products i wish to share~

My favourite makeup of all time, JILLSTUART
so lovely, i got a blush and lip gloss and i must say even though they are so expensive they are worth every cent.

 New kitten heels from Forever New they are not very high so i can wear them to school <3

I just had to put up a photo of my wallet Hohoho so cute~

and lastly my little dollhouse things Tea set with cake

 Anyway i tried -_____-

Thursday, March 3, 2011

School has started T^T


it has some really nice people but i dont want to be there T^T i want to be at school with my boyfriend!
its no fair! well i see him tomorrow~ Hohoho were going to see 'i am number four', sounds bad but i want to spend lots of time with him...
< oh thats how i went to school~ haha good first impression? i made lots of friends and lots of them who are into japanese!

my school is pretty much a korean/chinese/arts kids school hahaha no joke but i really like that! :) means lots of pretty people~
annnyywwaaayy i dont really have much else!
i will post some time soon
Jya ne<3