Sunday, July 24, 2011


Give away here! 

OMG this is such a nice looking giveaway

Anyway besides that, i hope everyone is well! its winter here and oh my gosh its soooooo cold!AND BORING! there is nothing to do because it is too cold.

  But my boyfriend did visit and gave me roses
 which was pretty cute haha but so unexpected it was at about 8 and he just showed up with roses while i was in my PJ's hahaha so embarrassed

Anyway i have been on holidays for two weeks and school starts tomorrow ahaha not looking forward to more study BUT i will get to see all my friends again
I have been so lazy with hanging out and only wanting to spend time with my boyfriend
haha im such a good friend...

but i did go shopping with my friends a few times... i bought a couple of things!

Large knitt top/dress thing, which is so warm ;___;

and some white stockings!

man i really like grey, i didnt notice! haha it must be this weather!

also got some knee high black high heeled boots, so comfy i was surprised to they were expensive but got marked down whoo hoo, sales are great!

Anywaayy there is a picture of me not wearing lenses and looking REAL SERIOUS, i dunno why :/
  had to add a picture but latley i have not been in the mood to get dressed up unless going somewhere or seeing people, sorry ahaha~

anyway im going to go do some more study that i was supposed to do AGES ago ;____;