Saturday, January 28, 2012


Inspiration post i promised a while back? hellz yeah!
ok so here it goes, loads of pictures of my inspiration <3 

Kerli <3

Marie Antoinette 

That is all for now, bye bye!! <3

Monday, December 26, 2011


I'm so sorry if anyone reads this and i didn't update, i have been SOOO busy saving for bleaching hair, and japan which i hope to go to in April holidays with a friend! i totally just lost track.
I hope everyone had a Christmas as good as mine, this post is going to be mainly photos so haha, be warned!
I didn't get spoiled, well because i just got my license and my mum is paying a lot of insurance for me because i am young ah, its so expensive. she is the best mum
Anyway, here are "some" photos from recently;

 Photos from when we had a park adventure aha, so yeah not the best most composed photos, but i like the color of my contact lenses.~
 also my friends camera was so good! it was a Olympus epl1
veeeeeeee niiiiiccceee

And here are some photos of presents i got! 
 Well my boyfriend bought me this swarovski hello kitty bracelet and transformers ring! so cute!!
 My aunt got me a jill stuart diamond sparkly powder necklace thingy and blotting paper with a cute cover!
 And there is more but its too dark to take any photos of them tonight. these are all more of a 'present to myself' gifts i bought on boxing day sales, a little beret a hat and some gloves and i also got a skirt for my work! at the cafe you can only wear black. so booooring!

I also saw my dream first car, its a Nissan 300ZX. I was surprised to see it! they are pretty old and not so common now, and especially where i live, they must have been visiting! it was so pretty!
Car or Japan, Car or Japan, they are both on my wish list. and both sooo expensive

Well next post i am going to do an inspiration post, soo yeah look out for that one! haha
well. happy holidays everyone, stay safe and well.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Miracle paints giveaway for christmas


Another Give away i want, so cute!!!
i love giveaways, i would be so happy if i won all this haha, extra christmas presents!
click to view the giveaway!

Seeyou bye <3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another sweeeeeet giveaway!

I just saw Riina's giveaway and my heart melted LOOK AT ALL THE GREAT STUFF!
good luck to all 200 other people who entered!  

Riina’s first Giveaway