Sunday, September 18, 2011

another giveaway in a attempt to win free things~

★★★My first GIVEAWAY!!★★★

Enter Okashi's giveaway by the link!

Yo biches (nerdy youtube reference here)as i so shameful!! haha here is yet ANOTHER giveaway i wanna win!!! waaahhh im so patthheettiicc haha i haven't had the chance to buy any new cool things yet either! i promise when i get the chance to run out the door and shop.  maaaannn i really want it, mmm eyelashes ;__;

another reason for that is i have been READING. and i mean a ffuuuuuuu- load of books and magazines. My eyes hurt from reading, pretty much non stop. So thats the mystery of all my money going places.

 Annywhoooo i decided to post some silly pictures of me being silly aha~ how friggin unusual!
i wish my hair was always as poof like in the picture below hahaha~ the girl next to me is my friend, she is sexy

Deadmau5 in all his glory, baby i will marry you some day!!!
i shall leave you with a great song to listen to!